Established in the year 1982, Umang has grown to be a well known, comprehensive global solution provider in the field of decorative food products mainly edible glitter used for visual effects on various desserts. Being in the food industry for over 25 years, Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche for itself and has become a global service provider of research and development services for the baking goods market. We are one of the fastest emerging companies and the biggest manufacturer and exporter of edible glitter to food Industries in India. Today, Umang Pharmatech is a multi-products engineering group with proven capabilities in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of Edible Glitter like Edible glitter in various colours, Cake Sparkles, Edible Sparkles, Glitter Sparkles, Pearly Sparkles, Cake Glitter, Decorating Sparkles, and other related products.


Mr. Rajkumar Budhraja is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer founder of Umang Group of Companies. He is endowed with a brilliant financial acumen master in strategic planning and corporate affairs. he is also a Board member of Caleva Process Solutions Ltd., UK. He has 35 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, foods, oil & gas and allied process industry sectors.
Email: budhraja@umangpharmatech.com

Mr. Umang R. Budhraja, Chief Operating Officer, son of Mr. Rajkumar Budhraja, is a man who always sees life in a positive light and believes in confronting challenges head-on. At a young age he has made an indelible imprint in running a corporate conglomerate and can be a fountain of inspiration to any aspiring businessman. He is also the board member of other corporate companies in USA, UK.
Email: umang@umangpharmatech.com

Dr. Nidhi U. Budhraja graduated from the University of Mumbai [ India ] in Medicines. She joined the Group where she led the company's Research, Development & Innovation function. Dr. Budhraja is a Chartered Researcher and member of several professional bodies besides the primary responsibilities of UMANG. She is also among the core members of the strategic team for research and development in our organisation.
Email: nidhi@umangpharmatech.com

Ms. Payal Budhraja, daughter of Mr. Rajkumar Budhraja graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy degree with Honors from the University of Nottingham. She is a Registered Pharmacist under the General Pharmaceutical Council in United Kingdom. A key member of the growing team, Payal is currently heading the Research and Development department at the company. She is self-motivated and driven to take the business forward and continue to innovatein the field of encapsulation and various new techniques on it.
Email: payal@umangpharmatech.com


Color is the characteristic that often attracts us to food. The way food displayed in a package can influence our product choices. This especially holds true when it comes to children. Glitter appeals to children, who, studies have shown, are a growing influence over opting for these kinds of products. At Umang Pharmatech, we produce colored edible glitter that can be used to decorate baked goods, sprinkled over ice cream or mixed into yogurt, gelatins, and other desserts.
Edible Glitter are vibrant, colourful flakes that can be incorporated into bakery products as toppings, inclusions, and color change systems. They are pure sparkle and magic. They can be used in a wide range of applications and there are several different varieties available depending on your application.
You can add our Edible Glitter range to: Chips & Popcorn, Cookies, Candy Coatings, Breakfast Cereals, Frostings, Bread and Baked Goods

Heat Stable. It can also be used on frozen desserts and frozen baked goods. Available in our catalogue dust is insoluble in water & oil. Available in a range of flake sizes and shapes. Available in a variety of FD&C, non-FD&C, EU, and custom Pantone colors

100% MAGIC:
Our Edible Glitter range is like magic! They can do anything from adding color to baked goods in ways that has never been possible before, to creating a swirl of interesting shapes to any of your baked goods. Even flavors and sweeteners can be added to our Edible Glitter, thus opening up a whole new world of opportunities and applications.

The standard product is approximately 0.5mm thick. We also have the capability of producing a thicker film. The thicker glitter is more opaque and will dissolve at a slower rate than the thinner ones.

In most applications, “soluble” edible glitter is made from gum Arabic, which is the preferred choice, and it can be used on baked, fried, and frosted products.

Sugar-free and Low Carbohydrate Products:
These difficult to formulate products often leave food technologists little room for decorative sprinkles to make products more attractive. Edible glitter is sugar-free and carbohydrate-free, and adds no calories to your product. You can add color and sweetness without impacting the nutritional panel.
At Umang Pharmatech, we manufacture a full spectrum of colored edible glitter using FD&C, non-FD&C, and EU colorants. We can also match a custom color using a Pantone system of color matching.

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Cakes & Jimmies Decoration
Cakes & Jimmies Decoration
Cakes & Donut Decoration
Edible Glitter Dust
Edible Glitter Dust & Decoration




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